Monday, February 19, 2018

Book Review: The Happiness Project (2015) by Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project (2015) by Gretchen Rubin

Do you dream of happiness? Is there a way to take all the things that you do daily and make small changes that can truly make you happier? How can you make each day something that has potential to bring you happiness, even in the middle of everyday struggles?

These are the questions Gretchen Rubin set out to answer on her 1 year-long quest for happiness. She chronicled this journey in this book (with a very long subtitle). While this extended title may make the quest for more happiness seem daunting, Rubin spread her mission across 12 months, tackling a different facet of life each month with the goal to be happier in each area. Each chapter starts with several key points and then goes on to explain how to make them happen, with easy exercises, research to support it, and reminders.

In summary:

January: Boost Energy (Vitality)
February: Remember Love (Marriage)
March: Aim Higher (Work)
April: Lighten Up (Parenthood)
May: Be Serious about Play (Leisure)
June: Make Time for Friends (Friendship)
July: Buy Some Happiness (Money)
August: Contemplate the Heavens (Eternity)
September: Pursue a Passion (Books)
October: Pay Attention (Mindfulness)
November: Keep a Contented Heart (Attitude)
December: Boot Camp Perfect (Happiness)

I've read Gretchen's other book Better Than Good and I love it! So, I thought maybe I should try to read her earlier works. I sort of like and dislike this book. I like it because how the author wonderfully arranged her materials, easy to read, lots of helpful tips and suggestions, her happiness philosophies, personal stories included, and research supported. I also have included some of her resolutions into mine this year (one of it is, update blog every day. But for me, I make it at least once per 2 days). What I don't like about this book is this... Gretchen's ways of making herself happier is not necessary my ways to be happier. Of all her main topics/resolutions, I can say that about only half (or less) of it are useful for me. This book can be shorter too. Now, do you have resolutions this year? Do you include happiness? If you don't have, add one (or more) ... You'll be happier, more positive and funnier.


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