Monday, March 5, 2018

Help Child Deal with Divorce #3 Annabel, Sometime Divorce Is the Best Option

Dear Annabel,

    Divorce is probably one of the hardest things your parents will face in their lives. This might seem confusing to you because, after all, they are the ones who decided to get divorced. If you ask me, why are they doing it? My answer would be: I couldn’t know exactly.

    All I know is, Bel, they are unhappy with each other. Unhappy parents create unhappy homes. I believe that your family has a better chance of happiness if the two of them live apart. I know that no matter how hard they tried to make the marriage work (I was consulting your father at that time), they just don’t feel they can.

            Divorce is a tough decision. Your parents probably know that you want them to stay together, and they might feel terribly guilty about it… but feeling guilty is no reason to stay married. I know that they don’t want this to happen either, they were thinking about you too – you must know that! – but sometimes in marriage, divorce is unavoidable. It shouldn’t be the first choice, nor the second, nor is the third but in the case of your parents, divorced the best option.

I and your aunt will meet you soon, then we can talk about this matter in detail. Meanwhile, take care and focus on your study and keep your faith in Christ. Pray, He understands.



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