Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Help Child Deal with Divorce #4 Annabel, Nobody Can Make Anybody Love Anybody Else

Dear Annabel,

This is going to sound really awful, but it isn't much you can do to stop your parents from getting a divorce. You have tried, uncle knows about it, to get your parents to love each other again. But the truth is, my dear, nobody can make anybody love anybody else. You don’t have to play-cupid, it is a mythology. I don't want to be sound harsh, you know that your parents have made a decision and it's something you will not able to change no matter how hard you try.

Do you know? Many children who are going through a divorce dream that their parents will get back together – but that very seldom happens. Your parents have made what they believe is the best decision, and by the time they tell you their decision, they've thought about it a lot and have pretty much made up their minds. We who witnessed your parents making decision know that it was a tough decision for them both.

 So, Bel, rather than putting your energy into trying to get your parents to stay together, put your energy into helping yourself stay strong. There is a blessing in this mess. Remember that you once told uncle that you want to make a difference? Well, if you face this difficult moment with a brave heart and faith in God, our Saviour, you someday can help those who will face the issue of divorce like you. You can be their mentor and teacher! :)


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