Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Help Child Deal with Divorce #5 Annabel, You're Loved Regardless

Dear Annabel,

Divorce means the end of a marriage. It doesn't mean that your parents will stop loving you and go off and find a new child to take your place. Your parents were in love when they got married – Annabel, you were born out of that love! You're loved! Divorce happens because parents stop loving each other, not because they stop loving you.

You might be very sad when you heard the news about your parents' decision. But know this: You're loved! Your parents love you and we love you very much, your aunty and I. In fact, your parents probably need your love as they go through this tough period of their relationship. I've met your father last week. He told me how much he loves you. You know, during their break up, they were stressed and they might be too distracted to reassure you as much as you need.

Tomorrow you're going to meet your mother… if you're unsure about her love for you, tell her how you feel. Tell your father too. Sometimes adults don't show so much, but truly in the case of your parents, they love you very much. You're loved!

  God bless you,

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