Thursday, May 31, 2018

John C. Maxwell on Leadership #20 Understanding People Pays Great Dividends

The ability to understand people is one of the greatest assets anyone can ever have. It has the potential to positively impact every area of your life, not just the business arena. For example, look at how understanding people helped this mother of a pre-schooler. She said,

“Leaving my four-year-old son in the house, I ran out to throw something in the trash. When I tried to open the door to get back inside, I was locked. I knew that insisting that my son open the door would have resulted in an hour-long battle of the wills. So in a sad voice, I said, ‘Oh, too bad. You just locked yourself in the house.’ The door opened at once.”

Understanding people certainly impacts your ability to communicate with others. David Burns, a medical professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, observed, “The biggest mistake you can make in trying to talk convincingly is to put your highest priority on expressing your ideas and feelings. What most people really want is to be listened to, respected, and understood. The moment people see that they are being understood, they become more motivated to understand your point of view.”  If you can learn to understand people – how they think, what they feel, what inspires them, how they’re likely to act and react in a given situation – then you can motivate and influence them in a positive way.

[Except from Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others (2006) by John C. Maxwell with Jim Dornan. Published by Thomas Nelson Inc.]

Make understanding people your top priority today.

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