Sunday, May 20, 2018

Self-Leadership #5 Think Big Picture

Once you’ve begun to know yourself, the next step is to make sure that everything you do is directed to the successful completion of your goals.

Vince Lombardi, a celebrated football coach, was completely devoted to making his teams successful. He didn’t tolerate outside interests interfering with his players’ dedication to their game and certainly wouldn’t have put himself in that situation. As the Packers’ general manager, he ran a tight ship and he ran it conservatively. He dominated the Packers’ executive board.

Lombardi found ways to compensate in areas where he didn’t have much experience especially at the outset of his professional coaching career. He was an effective delegator and he didn’t hesitate to ask questions when he didn’t understand something – one sign of a confident leader – and he didn’t tolerate answers that he considered half-baked. He ran tight agenda-driven meetings which began and ended on schedule (I need more discipline to do that!).

All of these effective strategies allowed him to focus on the one overarching mission – winning football games. Victory on the field - or any field of leadership – is in part the outgrowth of a complete understanding of the leader’s vision and strengths. And every part of the organization must be focused on this big picture.

This doesn’t mean that the big picture doesn’t change as the competitive environment changes. In fact, the ongoing viability of an organization or group depends on the adaptation of its mission to the current climate. But the big picture must not be affected by minor setbacks or problems.

Consider the following to keep the big picture in the forefront of your consciousness for you and your organization/team:

Link Goal to Vision: Goals must be anchored in conviction. Make sure that your goals are closely linked to your mission; if they aren’t, it will be too easy to throw them overboard at the first sign of adversity.

Change with the Competitive Environment: The long-term viability of an organization/team depends on its ability to adapt to a changing environment. Sooner or later, your product will become obsolete. If you’re not ready to take advantage of that moment, somebody will.

Don’t Be Swayed by Minor Setbacks: Don’t confuse minor shifts with major changes. A bump in the road can – and should – be navigated without major rerouting.


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