Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jesus' Leadership #26 Don't See Others As They Are, See As They Will Become

Laurie Beth Jones observes, "Focus is one of the key attributes of a leader, and nowhere is it more powerful went applied to and on behalf of another human being." When a truly charismatic leader is introduced to someone, the leader will "behold" that person. When Jesus saw the rich young ruler, he "beholding him, loved him…" (Mark 10:21, MKJV). For Jesus, when he sees someone, he doesn't just see them as mere human beings but he treats others as someone special. He focuses his attention on them and single-out each individual. Jesus "puts a 10 on everyone's head" as John Maxwell puts it. He sees others not as they are, but as they could be. It is no wonder that leaders like Jesus often have such a high recall of names. They focus on that person at that moment.

In the Old Testament we read God called His people by names, "Abraham! Abraham!" (Genesis 22:11-13) "Jacob! Jacob!" (Genesis 46:1-4) "Moses! Moses!" (Exodus 3:1-10); In the New Testament, Jesus called people by names, "Martha, Martha!" (Luke 10:38-42) "Simon, Simon!" (Luke 22:31-32) "Saul, Saul!" (Acts 9). Not to forget he called, "Lazarus!" out from the grave and "Zacchaeus!" to ascend down from the tree. And many more. To "behold" someone means to be fully centered and to hold, to embrace, a person at that moment. Leaders doesn't take anyone for granted.

People respond to how you behold them as a leader. Sometimes you don't have to say anything, they can sense how you perceive them. Too often we only view people in terms of our needs and hidden agendas. People flock to Jesus because he sees them beyond their tribes, status, positions and gender divides. He saw them as brothers and sisters – God's beloved children. Leaders like Jesus sees people's great potentials, appreciate them and loved them – they behold others. Don't see others as they are but see them as they will become! Behold!

How much concentrated, focused time do you spend beholding
your followers or people around you?

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