Wednesday, July 11, 2018

FREE BOOK OF THE MONTH: Good Faith by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons

"May we be the kind of good faith Christians who shape the future by asking the right questions and then confronting what is wrong, clarifying what is confused, celebrating what is good, and creating what the world is missing"

"Faith has implications for all of life, not just for the hour or two a week when like-minded believers gather to worship and pray"

It is easy to feel overwhelmed as we try to live faithfully in a culture that seems increasingly hostile to the Christian faith. With a growing backlash against religion and people of faith, it's harder than ever to hold onto our convictions while treating friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even family members who disagree with respect and compassion.

Based on ground-breaking research, this timely book by the bestselling authors of unChristian (I love this book!) explores politics, sexuality, race, gender, and religious freedom, helping you:

  • Respond with compassion, clarity, and confidence to the most toxic issues of our day
  • Discover the most significant cultural trends that are creating both obstacles and opportunities for Christians
  • Know what you believe and why it doesn't make you a judgmental or extreme person
  • Stop being afraid to talk about what you believe and start having meaningful conversations about tough issues
  • Understand the heart behind opposing views and learn how to stay friends across differences

Even though this book is based on research and Christianity in America, I find that the content, the challenge, and the encouragement in this book can help any Christians around the world especially when we (slowly) feel that we "are no longer part of the majority."

This month of July, I'm giving away TWO (2) BOOKS entitled Good Faith. To get this book for FREE, all you have to do:

1) Write a comment (below) on this blog post:
"I want to read Good Faith because........"

2) Share an article (from this blog) on your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3) Send to me your home (or recent) address for me to post the book. You may do it through my FB Messenger or if you know me personally, through WhatsApp or SMS.

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  1. I want to read Good Faith because I want to examine my faith via other's perspectives and improve myself.

  2. I want to read Good Faith because I really need this book! ��

    1. And finally, you'll get the #2 book :) Congrats

  3. Done, 2 books for FREE are taken already. For you to have a chance to get free book, wait for next month yah.


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