Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Men Who Finished Strong: Jack MacArthur, Part 3

Preaching several years ago in Scotland, John MacArthur Jr. was approached by a man after the service. “Is your father named Jack MacArthur?” the man asked. MacArthur said yes.

Your father came to Ireland over thirty years ago with two other men to hold a revival in Belfast and in other parts of the country. I went to hear your father speak, and at that meeting, I received Jesus Christ and dedicated my life to the ministry. I am a pastor because the Lord used your father to minister to me. Would you tell him that when you see him?

MacArthur indicated that he would, and then the man asked another question. “Where is your father now?” MacArthur told him that his father was preaching and pastoring. The man then asked, “Is he still faithful to the Word?” “Yes, he still faithful and still standing.” “What happened to the other two men who were ministering with your father?” MacArthur replied, “I’m sorry to report that one has denied the faith and the other died an alcoholic.”

There it is again. Three relatively young men, completely committed to Christ, make their way to Ireland to preach the gospel. They see God do great things. But thirty years later when the dust had settled, only one out of the three was still standing.

In the Christian life, it’s not how you start that matters.
It’s how you finish.

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