Thursday, November 8, 2018

Angelus' Quote: How To Kill A Dragon?

Most of our problems/troubles/failures (what I called 'dragons' of life) that happened to us can be avoided or prevented much earlier. Your boyfriend abused you but because early in the relationship you were blinded by your affection for him, you now actually 'stuck' in this unhealthy relationship. You failed your exams because instead of focusing on your studies, you're busying yourself with ministries, thinking, "I'm doing God's works... God wouldn't fail me." You're lazy coming to Bible Study once a week, instead, you waste your time lepaking with your friends and the end of the day you regret that you lack Bible knowledge and never grow into maturity in Christ... Forever a baby Christian.

What if you walk away from that relationship much early on? You'll be happier today! What if you see your studies as God's calling in your life at that period of time? You'll be successful and more useful in the marketplace ministry! What if you choose to come to Bible Study weekly? You'll create a godly habit, discipline, and will be mature in your thinking and walking with the Lord. But what most of us do on the daily basis? We won't take action. We delayed. We think short-term. This is dangerous. This is nurturing 'dragons' in your life.

So, how to kill the dragon? You don't fight it when it fully grew, you'll be defeated. The dragon will be larger than your life, you'll surely lose. It's too late. If you don't take action now or making the hard decision now or think long-term now - you'll burn in the fire! You must destroy it (face it) while it's still young. Or better, break the egg before it hatching, which means, you have to make decisions and resolutions - having principles of life - before the event began. In short: baby dragon [in all cuteness and innocent as it seems], if left unattended, will become large [fury, dangerous] dragon! Now, it's up to you if you want to take heed of my suggestion...

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