Sunday, November 11, 2018

Angelus' Quote: If You Want to Be A Creative Frame of Mind, Listen to Jason Mraz

Are you stuck of an idea? Are you feeling overwhelmed and having a mental block? Do you feel the least bit creative? Then it’s time to get your creative juices flowing by listening to music. There are so many different things you can do such as take a walk, read a book or magazine, watch YouTube or movie, chat or talk to a friend. But let me focus on music.

Some suggest that you need to listen to classical music. Not necessarily. Listening to Mozart or Beethoven probably not you. I understand (at first I don’t like it either). Maybe you like to listen to rock music or techno, or jazz or pop, whatever music that inspires and motivates you. Music has different effects on different people, choose one or two genres that can inspire you (please include Rachel Platten's Fight Song).

For me, I prefer to listen to Jason Mraz. He wrote songs that have souls, great soothing voice, meaningful and heart-piercing lyrics, positive vibes, inspiring and uplifting words wrapped in magical music. Mraz blends with his guitar so well that you can rely on the quality of his music either from studio recordings or live on stage. Most important of all, listen to Jason Mraz can be relaxing and therapeutic and help in clarifying my mind of clutter. I can better concentrate and stimulate ideas (But I always end up sing along, whatever). If I need be in a creative state of mind, I listen to Jason Mraz. How about you?

[P.s: If I need a workout music, one of my favorites is Eminem. Btw, Jason Mraz has a new album out, Know (2018). Listen to it!]

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