Friday, November 16, 2018

Angelus' Quote: Learning Will Make You Humble

"Humble" is not the first-word people will describe me. I agree. If the term "humble" means slow to give suggestion/feedback, talk softly, look down on oneself, always choose the worst thing and being ignorant, then, I'm far from being 'humble'. I'm rude and brash. But I love to learn. I love wisdom (Philosophy come from the Greek roots philo- meaning "love" and -sophos, or "wisdom").

One of the main ways for me to learn is through reading. One of my favorite subjects is on creative and critical thinking. Next is philosophy. One student mentioned that I must be an expert after the amount of time I had spent on it, and I replied, "It only made me realize how much I didn't know... It is a never-ending process of learning." Studying about the mind, psychology, philosophy, theology, and history had made me very humble (or rather, it humbled me) because I knew I'd never know it all no matter how much I studied.

If you keep on learning, you'll realize how much more you don't know. Thus, every time you learn one thing, it will lead to another thing and so on. Those who stop learning are actually the proud and joyless people. The fact that I love wisdom keeps me young in my mind and heart and eager to learn more, no matter how 'smart' people considered me to be. Bluntly, I say to a group of young students, "I'm 32 years old already, but I have a curiosity and energy of 15 years old. Most of you are no doubt younger than me, but your body and energy are as low as 60+ years old. You must keep learning." Every day is another opportunity to learn something new. Better you start now while you're still young.

If you don't learn, you won't know what you don't know - that will make you a proud person. Never be a know-it-all [I hate young-and-proud-Calvinists and their gurus. They talked as if they know ALL the mystery of God. Theology supposed to humble you, not make you an a**h*l*]. Don't be a fake 'humble' person. In term of growth, ignorance is not a bliss. Take this advice to heart: The more you learn [continuous learning], the more you realize what you don't know [awareness], and this will make you humble [result].

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