Thursday, November 8, 2018

Angelus' Quote: Quit Now or Don't Quit Later

There is nothing wrong with quitting. Quit smoking. Quit heavy drinking. Quit being a bully. Also, there is nothing wrong with quitting your work or quitting negative relationships. Quit focusing on your weaknesses and focus on your strengths is a good idea. But then, once you're committed to doing it, when you see the end goal is worth the fight, when in the long-term you see the better you - and for the glory of God - don't quit! For example, I can play the guitar and sing well, so I thought I want to be a worship leader. But I also love to study and teach God's Word. I can do both but I won't be great at either, so, I quit becoming a worship leader and concentrate on teaching. At first, I have difficulty in delivering a message, I was somewhat shy, stutter, and disorganized. But I practice, practice and practice. I know this is my calling so I don't quit. I'm a much better teacher than a worship leader. So, Quit NOW (while it still early) or don't quite LATER (persevere, endurance, don't give up). Araso?

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