Thursday, November 8, 2018

Angelus' Quote: Unfriend Your Ex After Break Up

It has been said to "Always follow your heart" and it can be true sometimes. But when it comes to matters of the heart (I'm talking about emotion) listening to your head (logic) can save you a lot of pain. Listen to me - both as heart-breaker and as the heart that has been broken - please UNFRIEND your ex. It might don't make sense now; You might think that it's harmless; Perhaps you want to act kind or maybe you just don't have the gut to do it... Take a deep breath, let go of whatever confusing emotions you have right now, go to your ex's profile - UNFRIEND!

Why? In today's world, social networking is like living in a virtual world, and there are times when your virtual world and real world intersect. When it comes to relationships, all too often the virtual and real world are at odds. If you want to really let go, then please include let them go from your virtual world too. If you still keep your ex in your friend lists, it will make the hurt deeper, longer, harder to let go, make you feel insecure and negative (imagine you see your ex with someone new, then you'll think to yourself, "What's wrong with me?" "Am I not good enough?" "Is he/she happier without me?" and all sort of imaginary questions).

Don't be overconfident by saying, "No problem, we just gonna be normal friends" or "The past is the past, it won't affect me anymore." Unless you do not really love your ex before, these foolish talks are self-deceiving talks! You're not a robot, you're an emotional being. The reasonable thing to do is to UNFRIEND your ex. Plus, what if in the future you (thought you) already move on and found someone new, what if he or she finds out that you still connected with (or secretly 'stalking') your ex? I tell you, he or she will be mad and break up with you! Then, you neither have one or the other. So, don't be overconfident. Emotionally, this might be hard for you to do, I understand. But in a long-term, logically, this is the wisest thing to do. Listen to me: UNFRIEND your ex, Now!

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