Thursday, November 8, 2018

Angelus' Quote: You Can Run Faster... When the Dogs Chasing You

I remember when I was in primary school, I and my friends use to walk from SRK Sg. Stutong to Kpg Stampin. These were our favorite things to do: ring the doorbells at BDC area and hide, stealing fruits that creeped out of the residents' gates, climbing the walls, plugging flowers, went to the drain to catch small fishes and tadpoles, destroying ants with plastic-fire meteors, etc. You get the idea. Inevitably, dogs would bark as a warning; double barks with staring eyes as a second warning, and chased after us if we still don't get the warnings (cats would run first). If you had had this experience before - chasing by the dogs - you would not be surprised when I say that we run faster than we normally would. Adrenaline rush, muscles tighten, breathing fire. Once, on a normal day, I tried to climb a high wall, but I couldn't. But when these dogs chasing us, I can easily climb up!

What happened? Almost everything is possible for us. What we need is a little (or massive) push. You can climb higher, you can run faster, you can endure longer. You can work harder, you can be bigger, you can expand wider. All you need (maybe not only) is the motivation and the will to do so. Your 'dogs' can be #1 Fear/Shame: For example, you fear of failure, so you study hard for exams; #2 Desperation (or matters of life-and-death): For example, a mother can lift a heavy car in order to save her baby who is stuck underneath it; #3 Love: For example, Jesus endured the horrible cross due to the Father's love and His unconditional love for the sinners; and, not least, #4 Commitment: For example, a faithful soldier will stay on his post regardless and follow orders during wartime even it will cost him his life.

What is your motivation and the will to 'run faster'? What stopped you from 'climbing the walls'? How can you find the reason to 'endure one more day'? May wild dogs chasing you! May you run faster! May you know how capable you are! It is possible.

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