Sunday, December 16, 2018

FREE EBOOK entitled "Time: Maximize God-given Time"

Have you ever wasted a whole day? How did you feel? Most of us will feel lousy and unproductive after a day in which nothing has been accomplished. We feel that we have been cheated out of something very precious. Now, if you waste all day playing video games or mindlessly surfing the internet or scrolling on social media, you will not feel you have wasted your time instantly. Only when the length of time wasted is accumulated, when you wake up from the virtual reality, then you’ll feel it come at you. I believe God made us that way. God has put in all of us a tremendous desire to achieve – in our hearts, our minds and our emotions. Our days are extremely valuable and certainly not a commodity to be wasted. Just think of it; our lives are measured out to us in units of time. How old are you?

The reality is: Lost time is never found again. In my new e-book, Time: Maximize God-Given Time (2018) - simple English and only 25 pages - I would like to invite you to explore with me on what the Scripture says about time - Let’s think about time, the theory of time, the framework of time, how the wise use time wisely, four (4) basic time management tools, and many more.

To get this e-book for FREE, do these simple steps:
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 Seize the opportunity. Remember: Lost time is never found again.

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