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The Millionaire’s Path: Passion, Optimism, and Wealth (2000) by Mark Fisher, Book Review

The Millionaire’s Path: Passion, Optimism, and Wealth
(2-Books-in-1, Hardcover Edition, 2000) by Mark Fisher

I never heard about this book mention in self-help or financial book reviews or recommendations anywhere. Why? I don’t know. Do you know where I get this book? At the The Hills’ Second Time Around Book Fair. How much? Just Rm7.90! This is crazy! The value of this book (or these books) worth more than Rm7.90, it is worth a million ringgit! Carlos Santana, legendary rock-jazz musician, once said, “Your mind is a magnet. You don’t attract what you need or what you want; you attract who you are.” Perhaps I was thinking about success and personal development all day long when I browsed through the books (this is what I called Purposeful Browsing) and then like a magnet - this book ‘appeared’ in front of me. I’m glad that I bought it. I praise God that I’m able to read and understanding it. Thanks God for written language and His God-given mind.

This book consists of two books The Instant Millionaire and How to Think Like a Millionaire. One is a story; the other is a prose. One is a wisdom fable; the other is simplified success principles. Both have one overarching goal: “By deciding to read [these books] you have just taken the first step toward success and living your dreams,” writes Mark Fisher. These books are easy to read and straight to the points. It gives me somethings to think about such as don’t give up on my dreams, do what I love, managing my priorities in life, managing my financial situation, and set goal in my life. Mind you, the lessons and principles lay down in these books are not new as the author(s) states in the introduction. What make the message refreshing is the way the author(s) narrated the story and how he puts the principles in the most practical terms. Also, it doesn’t really teach you HOW to be a millionaire but its more on how to THINK like a millionaire. I’m okay with that. I read Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations few months ago, and this is one of my favorite quotes on thinking: “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.” Not money.

The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth (1990) by Mark Fisher. If you like Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager writing style, then you will like this book. It is about a young man who meet a wise old man called ‘Instant Millionaire’ through the process of mentoring and on the spot teachings. The old man reveals that financial prosperity and a fulfilling life well lived are goals we can all achieve if we understand and practice the principles of success. Through the pages, when I read it, I felt like I was the young man... probably... I am.

How to Think Like a Millionaire (1997) by Mark Fisher with Marc Allen.  The essence of this book is this: Success can’t be attributed to fate but to the deliberate application of very specific principles. Age, education, money, background and childhood experiences do not matter in the face of these principles. Many of the successful people had commonplace, poor and sometimes miserable childhoods. At school, many of them were considered slow learners. Yet, each one of them, at a crucial moment in their lives, decided to take fate into their own hands and enlightened by a book, by the word or example of another person or by a powerful sense of intuition, set out to be successful. You may have reached that critical point that will change your life. This book can help you to stand out among the rest and inspired you to greatness... yes, you can... if you applied the principles taught in this book in your life.

Surely, I recommend this book(s)!


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