Friday, January 25, 2019

3 Ways to Be Different (Today)

You want to be different? Sameness is okay, even necessary, but if there is too much sameness with other people, then you are somewhat... a boring person. Here are three (3) ways to be different (I think la):

#1 Read Books. Although there are a lot of people like to go to bookstores or even buy books (maybe holding a book make them feel smart), actually, not many people really read a book nowadays. While people holding phones, you hold a book... how cool is that?

#2 Be a Doer. While many people 'wish' or 'dream' to be this and that, share quotes or philosophies or success articles, most don't really practice what they preach or teach. If you be a doer, you can get more things done!

#3 Say 'Thank You.' This is maybe just me, but I feel that this generation doesn't really know how to say 'Thank you.' Young and old people alike (maybe less for older people). If you have a good meal, say thank you. If someone fetches you to church, say thank you. If someone compliments you for a job well done, say thank you. Have this gratitude attitude, and you'll be one of the kind.


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