Monday, January 7, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Don't Give Up, Encourage Yourself

Like I said before, I read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich three times already. It is the king of all self-help and personal development books. But before it became famous, helped millions of people change their lives, and making Napoleon Hill a great success in the process, many people don't know what he went through in the early years to get it to the marketplace. Nobody would have known him and the book if he had given up or more importantly, given into people's criticism and rejection. But he stayed on because he believes in what he was doing.

This is the words he sent to his wife, Mrs. Florence Hill when he was about to give up (18th Feb 1925):

"We will soon be having lots of money. Leave it to me to get it, but meanwhile, encourage me and tell me you think I CAN DO IT. You have no idea what it is like when not a soul on earth encourages you, and all the negative forces pour in on you. It takes super-human strength of will to throw them off. I would give anything if I had someone, even though they did not mean it or believe it, to tell me that they KNEW I COULD SUCCEED. I would like to hear this every day, and sometimes twice a day. I keep telling myself this, but it is not as if it came from an outsider. The other self in me keeps denying it when I say it. I suppose you understand what I am talking about, or DO YOU? If you do then you can sympathize with me, and perhaps you will help me. All I need is a little encouragement right now, and I will go over in a big way and bring home the bacon."

Don't give in to people's criticism and rejection or the lack of encouraging words from others. It’s hard, yes, but don't give up. If nobody gives it to you, ask others. If they don't want, then encourage yourself!

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