Tuesday, January 15, 2019

#AskAngelus_1: In the Ministry, What Inspires You to Keep Going?

Prescilla Edward #AskAngelus:
“As a leader and in the ministry, what inspires you to keep going?”

At first, I thought this is actually two questions. But I then realized that it’s not. If you’re in the ministry, you are a leader. All ministers are leaders in the sense that all of us actually leading people. Either we lead people positively or negatively, effectively or destructively, that’s another story. So, what inspired me to keep going?

Before I answer this question, let me share briefly the reality of serving in the ministry particularly in the student ministry of where I’m serving now: Once in a while I asked myself, “Why should I bother about other people’s faith? Why bother about their spiritual beings?” There was a time when I stand my ground because something is not right, I was rejected. I invested time, money and energy for some individuals, but they didn’t change. I prayed for miracles but sometimes it gets worst. There were a few incidents where my own friends and fellow ministers that I trust backstabbed me. Many times I’m tempted to quit. I wanted to quit. But I didn’t because…

#1 I’m Sure of God’s Calling in My Life. Before I join the ministry, I wasn’t so sure if the urge to go for full-time was originated from my own desire or was it God who is the One drawing me in that direction. To cut the story short, it was confirmed that God really called me to the ministry. He spoke to me through the Scripture, my mentors, friends, strangers, turned of events in my life and giving peace to my heart and mind. To keep going, you got to know God’s calling.

#2 Results or Fruits of the Ministry. Someone once said to me, “Ministry isn’t one mountaintop experience after another. There are plenty of valleys and uphill climbs that we struggle to overcome” and that is true! As I already shared earlier, there were some dark moments when I wanted to quit. But sometimes we tend to forget that there are so many answered prayer, so many faithful friends beside us, and there are changed lives among the people that we ministered. What keeps me going thus far is because I’ve seen many positive and encouraging results – fruits – of God’s power in students’ lives. The fruit becomes sweeter when they tell you personally how your ministry had impacted them!

#3 Scatter the Seeds. Because of the assurance from #1 and the results of #2, although I know that dark night of the soul will visit me again in the future, by God’s grace, power and faith the future outcome will be greater! Just scatter the seeds, be faithful – having joy and personal growth along the way – and let God do the rest. Let Him prosper the seeds. And watch. To keep going, you need to sometime take a rest after you scatter the seeds all day long.

#4 Continuous Learning. Sometime people give up in the ministry too soon because they stop growing (and/or they’re not sure of #1). I never stop learning thus I never stop growing thus I always keep going. I don’t limit myself to only doing student ministry… oh, let me correct that… I don’t limit myself in doing the student ministry. I mentoring them one-on-one and also online. I inspired them through Bible Studies and talks but also through written words (such as this blog) and social media. The most important and indispensable tool in the ministry is the Bible, do you know how rich the Word of God is? Don’t just preach it… write about it, do beautiful arts, create wonderful graphics, compose songs, craft poets – don’t be boring! If you continue learning, you’ll never stop growing, you won’t be boring – you’ll keep going.

[P.s: My Grammarly is not functioning well... I'm sure there are a lot of writing errors. I'm sorry in advance.] 

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