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Success… Or Your Money Back (2012) by Shed Simove, Book Review

Success… Or Your Money Back (2012) by Shed Simove

I like his British accent, I dislike his attires. I love his creativity and ideas, I hate that he also smart and wealthy. I thank God that I can beat his handsomeness but I regret that I didn’t read this book before I start my blog(s) or some other projects that I’ve left behind. If only I read this manual for success (and awesome ideas) earlier, then probably I wouldn’t give up too soon. Mind you, this book isn't 'a unique success manual', I have heard or read most of the information and input in other self-help and business books before. What makes this book awesome is the personal touch, vulnerability and Shed’s (it’s short for ‘Sheridan’) sense of humor and ingenuity throughout these pages. I don’t feel like I’m merely reading a book, I feel like Shed is coaching me personally. “In this book,” Shed, a modern day entrepreneur genius, speaker and author, writes, “my aim is to remind you how amazing your brain is and to get you both excited and inspired about what it can do, by sharing powerful secrets that’ll hopefully dispel any doubts you may have about yourself (because we all have many) and by delivering solid techniques for achieving anything you desire.” Bold proposition… and it’s possible.

Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove, the Ideas Man’s author, not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. He had done some amazing things that can be label as innovative, sometimes weird and ‘success’ failure. He creates a range of novelty products which have sold over one and a half million units worldwide. He was renowned as a TV producer (Big Brother, The Big Breakfast, Space Cadets) and had produced a ground-breaking documentary that involved him going undercover as a 16-year-old schoolboy when he was 30 (This end up with disaster, a scandal which he explained in one of the chapters in the book). At the peak of his creativity, he also launches his own currency – the EGO (banknote and probably, coming soon, coin!). He also made publishing history by becoming the first person ever to get a totally blank book into the top 50 of Amazon’s bestseller chart for his book What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex. Believe it or not, this book contains 200 completely blank pages! It also achieved a Guinness World Records for Most Pages In Published Book. If you think that that is unbelievable, then you should know that he also created a dating App called Shinder that matches women with the same single man – himself. “I thought, if you can’t beat them, maybe create your own competition where you’re the only person in the competition, therefore, you will then by a de facto win,” he said during an interview about this App. Always with the sense of humor. To know more about Shed, go to https://shedsimove.com/about

Okay, about the book. This useful, entertaining and interesting book is divided into 30 chapters that outline Shed’s secrets to getting anything you desire. These secrets are practical and easy to execute techniques. If you’re “someone who wants to make things happen” and “someone who searches for information about how to make things happen” then this book is for you and “these two facts about you mean that you’ve got all the necessary skills for success in any field you want: namely, you’ve got both the desire to succeed and also the intelligence to search for ways to make that success come to life.” I thought I can just read this book in one sitting but in the end, I did not because right after I read about 2-3 chapters, I take time to write down ideas and sometimes I take one day off just to think of Shed’s insights. Among my favourite chapters are: Secret #2 The Four Words You Must Get Used to; Secret #10 Failing Upwards or Please, Please Fail; Secret #12 ‘Negnets’ and How to Avoid Them; Secret #17 The 33% Rule; Secret #18 Treat Your Life Like an Experiment; Secret #21 The Drunk Life; and Secret #29 The Chunking Method. I like one reviewer, Mrs. D, writes on Amazon.com which resonate with my heart: “Why don't they teach this stuff in schools?” Yes, why?


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