Monday, February 11, 2019

5 Books on Social Media and Technology

Why you should learn more about technology, especially social media? Because the way we interact, communicate, think, grow and move forward in today's world is through social media. If you don't learn fast and deep enough (as opposed to shallow media today), you'll be left behind. How fast you should learn? That depends on you, as long as you're faster than you were 3 years ago. But to avoid shallowness and go for deep(er) thinking, one of the most effective ways, is to read books - actual, physical books. Here are 5 books on how to think deeply about technology, especially social media:

#1 The Church of Facebook
#2 Reclaiming Conversation
#3 How to Tame Technology
#4 Dot Complicated
#5 Unfriending My Ex

To get a copy (or more) of any of these books, just go to:


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