Saturday, February 9, 2019

Pray for Me Ya... From Starbucks to My Dream of Book Experience

I’m passionate about books as much as Howard Schultz passionate about coffee. While on a business trip to Italy, Schultz stumbled across his passion in an espresso bar: “I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community among them, and from that moment on I was determined to bring world-class coffee and the romance of Italian espresso bars to the US.”

As new FES staff workers, we need to go through (at least) 1-Year Training Programme at central office PJ. While at Peninsular Malaysia, I became a learning machine: consumed lots of books and participated in the training. I spend about RM200-RM300 on my salary monthly to buy theological books. If I’m not at my office table upstairs, you can find me at the library downstairs. Just like how Schultz saw the wonder of what Italian’s espresso bar can do to the US, I also see the potential of what (good) books – the Bible as the Good Book – can do to the people, especially my students, in Sarawak. The power of savoring a good book can alter the life and mind of our young people. I believe this with all my heart.

Before Schultz’s Starbucks, coffee wasn’t something American consumers were passionate about. But with his unwavering passion, Schultz was able to inspire thousands of consumers to fall in love with the bean. When I reflect on the Starbuck’s story, I see hope and I'm dedicated to cultivating the reading habit among the students in campuses and universities that I assigned to. We all know passion alone is not enough, I – oh yes, we – need to do something about it. Besides encouraging the habit during my talk, sharing, training, and conversation with the students, I also write on the subject in my personal blog [here] and create FB Page Richard Angelus’ Bookstore to influence them (and fellow ministers too) in this social media age. Pray for creativity, resourcefulness and God’s grace for me okay? Thank you.


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