Monday, May 13, 2019

3 Questions to Know If the Man You're With (or Will Be With) Is Bullshit or Authentic

I can't create three questions to know if the woman you're with is authentic or not, but I can - based on experience, observation and as a man myself - tells you how to know if the man you're with is BS or not. Ask these questions:

#1 What makes him angry? Not if he angry or not. If he never gets angry, he's one short of a warrior. Anger shows where his heart is. Anger reveals his innermost desires and attention. When he's angry, does his anger due to what people do to him or to others? Anger at unrighteousness, injustice, and bullies is righteous anger. If his anger is selfish and self-centered, leave him!

#2 What are his 'secret' disciplines? To know this, you need to get into deep with him. Observes how he spend his time, energy and dealing with people. It's not what he said to you, it's what he didn't say to you but leave clues when you observe it intensely. Is he wiser than yesterday, is he more empathetic, is he confess his shortcomings as fast as showing you his strengths? All of these are the product of 'secret' disciplines. If you're a Christian, it means his prayer life, meditating the Word of God and attitude of generosity.

#3 How he uses his money? It's not about how much he earns or paycheck. The most visible way to know what's in a man's (and your) heart is to know where his money goes.


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