Monday, May 13, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leaders Must Planning for Succession

John C. Maxwell, leadership author, and speaker outlines Three (3) Important Points in Planning for Succession:

#1 PREPARE YOURSELF. Many leaders have a hard time letting go of their leadership positions. Some can't handle it emotionally. Some have not prepared financially. Other have not discussed it with their families. Get yourself ready for the idea.

#2 LOOK FOR SEVERAL POTENTIAL SUCCESSORS. If you are in a position to pick your successor, look for several people with the potential to replace you. Ideally, you would have a pool of people to pick from.

#3 LET THE ORGANIZATION KNOW CHANGE IS ON THE HORIZON. Transitions from one leader to another can be traumatic. Don't spring it on your people. Let them know in plenty of time if it's within your power.


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