Monday, May 13, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make (2007) by Hans Finzel

In the Introduction, Finzel says: "Leadership can be dangerous. To understand this, study world history and the lives of great and terrible leaders and what they accomplished through others. We who are in leadership can, on one hand, move men, women, and mountains for tremendous good. On the other hand, we hold the power to do irreparable damage to our followers by the mistakes we make.”

From that premise, he lays out ten mistakes that leaders commonly make because they generally "fall into leadership" and "tend to do what comes naturally—we 'wing it'":

Mistake #1: Having a Top-Down Attitude
Mistake #2: Putting Paperwork before Peoplework
Mistake #3: The Absence of Affirmation
Mistake #4: Not Making Room for Mavericks
Mistake #5: Dictatorship in Decision Making
Mistake #6: Dirty Delegation
Mistake #7: Communication Chaos
Mistake #8: Missing the Clues of Corporate Culture
Mistake #9: Success without Successors
Mistake #10: Failure to Focus on the Future



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