Monday, June 3, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leaders, Trust Your People

In order to have a healthy team in your organisation or company or business, "you must believe the best about the others on your team," says Tim Stevens in his book, Fairness Is Overrated. He continues:

> When people attack your team (and they will), always believe the best.

> When you receive an anonymous accusation about someone, throw it away. Why? Because you choose to always believe the best (unless there is evidence).

> When you hear one side of the story, and there is every reason to believe that your team member's motives, intentions or actions were wrong, wait. Don't react. Get the rest of the story. Believe the best.

> When there are two opposing sides, and it isn't clear what is true and what is false, always side with your team. Make the mental choice to believe the best about those who are standing by you and with you.


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