Monday, June 3, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Most Common Cost of Leadership

One of the most common costs of leadership is the experience of rejection. I can list all day on how many rejections I get over the years. From bosses, colleagues, students, families, friends, churches and others. If you are willing to accept the call to leadership in your generation, you must be willing to be rejected and misunderstood by all (Btw, don't play the victim games, sometimes the rejection is fair).

It is said that no man is ever fully accepted until he has first of all been utterly rejected. If you depend on or need the agreement of everyone around you in order to feel secure, you will never be an excellent leader. Why? Because true leaders affect change and change by its very nature will 'spark' conflict and resistance. Rejection does not mean you are wrong (again, sometimes you are wrong. So, apologize), but it does indicate that you are challenging others to change 😉🤗💪


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