Monday, July 15, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Between Underwear and Leadership

If You Still Let Your Mother Washes Your Underwear, You're Not Fit to Be A Leader.

Unless you have a washing machine at home, or a lovely wife to wash clothes for you; if you're single, and you still let your mother washes your underwear (or your girlfriend) - that's a maturity problem. My old friend used this analogy - and actually, she advised young men to wash their own clothes - to say that boy became a man when he learned to be independent and matured in his thinking and conducts.

Leadership is like that. It's a process of maturity. From dependence (boy) to independence (man) to interdependence (leader). Because leader requires to make decisions, to lead by examples, to stand alone sometime, to have mental strength, to be a spiritual leader too if he doesn't master the basics - like washing his own underwear - he is not fit for the rough and tough call of leadership. He needs to grow, to be matured or to start the journey/process of maturity.

"How?" you may ask. "Start small," I will say, "wash your underwear" 😉 This is both an analogy and a real advise.


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