Sunday, July 14, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Effective Leaders Often Take the Road Less Travelled

In his classic poem The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost talks about 2 diverging roads he encountered in the woods. By taking the one less travelled, his life was changed. Frost's point was that taking the same path as everyone else will only get you average or mediocre results. To be unique, to contribute something new, one needs to take “the road less travelled🏃🚶

Leaders are willing to take a different path. Without question, it is far easier to take the beaten path and enjoy the security of conformity. Many people hold back from acting like leaders, give in and become one of the crowd 👨👨👦👦👨👨👦👪👨👩👦👦👨👨👧👨👨👦👦👨👩👧👧

Don't do it. Act like a leader. Exercise control over your life and help to influence and inspire those around you. Relinquishing control of your life to external situations, circumstance and culture is - the opposite. To act like a leader, you must constantly ask yourself, "Who is in charge of my life?" "Who is in charge of me?"


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