Sunday, July 14, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leaders Are Those Who Empower Others

Be Quick with Positive Feedback 🐇, Slow with Criticism 🐢
I'm an expert in finding faults in others. A critical spirit is my spiritual gift (jokingly serious). I was (and occasionally, now) the opposite: I'm quick with criticism, slow with positive feedback, if ever.

Today I realized that many students and youths in ministry and fellowships need constant encouragement. Colleagues or co-workers also thirst for it. We live in complex, competitive times and young people are inundated with too many ministries and commitments - and not enough time. Technology and campus life can be overwhelming, so it's important to point out any "wins" and "well-done" no matter how small.

And, if you do have to criticize, think seriously about the impact first. Recognize their efforts and acknowledge their works, then point out what they require to improve and need corrections. I wish to be known a critical thinker rather than having a critical spirit; an empowered-er rather than power-craze; lift people up rather than bring them down 😉 Leaders, take notes 💪


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