Sunday, July 14, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leaders, Teach Others Only When You Really Know the Topic

Teach Others Only When You Really Know the Topic.

I'm a self-taught writer, reader, and leader, so it was easy to pass on this knowledge to those who I lead (by 'self-taught' I mean with no formal education). Subjects like creativity, critical thinking, Bible Study, theology, leadership and biographies of famous Christians and world leaders are among subjects that I'm quite confident in. I can learn quickly and teach if I have opportunities to do so.

In the past, however, I'd try to teach my students in other areas, like technology, politics, business, entrepreneurship, and fashions. This is hypocrisy! I'm not good or never done any significant things in these areas. All are theories to me. I should've let those who are experienced in those subjects to teach them instead of me.

As leaders, we should only teach others when we really know the topic and walk-the-talk 😉💪💡


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