Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Andy Stanley on Leaders, Focus on Your Strengths Rather than Your Weaknesses (Video)

Andy Stanley, in his talk at Catalyst Dallas 2011, speaks about why leaders must focus more on his or her strengths rather than improving his or her weaknesses. “My fully exploited strengths were a far greater value to our organizations than my marginally improved weaknesses,” he said. “Your weaknesses will always be weaknesses compared to your strengths.” How to have a great organization? By creating space for “the leaders in your organizations to fully exploit their strengths and delegate their weaknesses to people who have those strengths

I believe: We should focus on what we are good at, work on it, and excel at it because that’s where our biggest potential lies 😉🔥🦁 #ServeToLead

Video source: YouTube, Catalyst Leader


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