Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Bring Your Children to Christ

Isaac Watts was saved at about the age of 9. His hymns have lifted the hearts of millions. Jonathan Edwards, whose clear testimony and dynamic preaching stirred all of New England for God, was converted when only 7. Matthew Henry was brought to Christ at the age of 11, and through his many years of study of God's Word, he produced his well-known commentaries on the Bible.

Thousands of other men and women have been brought to the foot of the Cross when they were young and their whole life could be dedicated to Christ 😊 Just like my Facebook friend Angel Aren from Miri who brought her young daughter, Steffie Supang, only 7 years old, to Malam Pentakosta happening at Kuching recently, to experience the presence of God and His Spirit that two nights... Who knows the young child will be mightily used by the Lord in the future, even now? 😉 Bring your children to Christ! #ServeToLead #SpiritualLeader


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