Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Get this Les Brown's Hunger Recipe!

"When you want something so badly that you refuse to let go, you will probably get it," says Les Brown, my favorite motivational speaker. This is what he called "hunger." Les believes that "when a person gets discouraged, and they will, it takes hunger to develop the courage to try again and again and never quit. Some people are naturally hungry. Others are not hungry enough."

I define "hunger" as a POWERFUL DETERMINATION, almost a consuming fire. When I was rejected by CF due to some outside influence, I cried, but get back up again. When my blog URL was blocked twice this year, I don't give up. When my writing was wrongly accused of causing trouble, I write anyway! I'm HUNGRY! πŸ‘‡Learn this Les Brown's Hunger Recipe:

1) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE 😎 Stop blaming other people and past negative circumstances for where you are. It is up to you to accomplish your dreams

2) READ AND LISTEN πŸ‘‚πŸ˜· Les would say consume inspirational and motivational tapes. I would like to add, read books on your strengths and interest. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts too

3) DEVELOP A SENSE OF URGENCY πŸ•° Take actions now that will move you toward your goals

4) GET AROUND SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE 😊 Find out what motivates them. Pick up their attitudes, especially. Include them in step 2)

5) DEVELOP COURAGE πŸ’ͺ Overcome your fears. Push them aside. Unmask them and then master them

6) CONTEMPLATE YOUR MORTALITY πŸ™ Predict the accomplishments you desire to achieve by the end of life. If you die today, are your life fulfilling God's purpose and desire?

7) PUSH YOURSELF πŸ‘Š Operate on a massive, relentless scale in order to accomplish your goals

"With a powerful hunger for your dreams driving you," Les believes, "you will be surprised at the ideas that will come, at the people you will be able to attract and at the opportunities that will unfold." You got to be hungry! #GrowingLeader


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