Monday, September 2, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leaders Seek for Talents and Potentials

[Currently, I’m reading Chinghua Tang’s The Ruler’s Guide about the success of the timeless secret of Tang Taizong (598-649), China’s greatest emperor. From each short excerpts, I explain about the leadership]

Taizong told the crown prince, "A boat crossing the ocean depends on its sailors. A bird flying through the skies depends on its wings. An emperor running his country depends on the support of his aides. You should rather have one talent in your employ than have a thousand ounces of gold in your coffer.

"But talented people may live in obscurity. They may be waiting for the right opportunity; they may come from humble origins or have low status; they may be poor or holding menial jobs. You must make every effort to seek them out, for such people will make your life easier."

Richard: Good leaders know that everyone has hidden assets and considerably more to contribute than what is shown on the surface. As leaders, we must be able to see, seek and help people to develop their talents and potential. If you do, you not only get more from them, but you also gain their loyalty because you helped them grow.


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