Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Angelus' Quote: Leadership Is About Taking Responsibility

Leaders take responsibility for their actions and for their decisions. Leaders are not always right and don't always make the right decisions. But when they make decisions, they make those decisions right. A [real] leader doesn't make excuses or place blame on others. Al Kaltman, author and speaker, writes, "Good [leaders] realize that they alone are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of their efforts. They do not establish alibis or look to lay blame on others."

If leaders don't like the outcomes of their actions and decisions, they make changes and taking full responsibility for implementing those changes. I once told a CF president, "If something goes wrong, take the blame. If something goes well, share the credit with the committees." He was surprised. I told him that leaders must take ownership and responsibility by holding ourselves to a standard of results 💪✊🤝 #ServeToLead


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