Tuesday, January 7, 2020

I Remember John Sung (13 Chapters) Series on YouTube and Podcast

This is my third book on the life of John Sung, Chinese greatest evangelist. The first one is Leslie T. Lyall’s A Biography of John Sung (2004), Timothy Tow’s The Asian Awakening (1988) and this one - William E. Schubert's I Remember John Sung (1976). I think I’ve read this one 5 times! This book is much shorter but compares to other biographies of Dr. Sung, this one is more personal because William Schubert “was Dr. Sung’s intimate friend… who knew him, prayed with him, worked with him and has shown sympathy for him in his difficulties.”

Schubert wrote this in his first paragraph: “Dr. John Sung was probably the greatest preacher of this century... in pulpit power, attested by amazing and enduring results.” Listen to this series, dare to be challenged by John Sung's life and follow the example of his faith (refers to Hebrews 13:7). May God raises more John Sungs today! Amen #ServeToLead #IRememberJohnSung

To listen to I Remember John Sung YouTube series, CLICK LINKS below:

1) Review, Foreward & Preface (https://youtu.be/m8Rv5p-PkIk)
2) Introduction by William E. Schubert (https://youtu.be/RuvxavzRs1c)
3) Face to Face with Christ (https://youtu.be/b-aBZwC5eXI)
4) Five Three-Year Periods (https://youtu.be/062KBwf62zE)
5) Revival In Answer to Prayer (https://youtu.be/8SBxzlj1ZR8)
6) The Nanchang Pentecost (https://youtu.be/xaT9zv7Xsa4)
7) All Our Preachers Born Again that Night (https://youtu.be/fRcxYWEn5EY)
8) Revival In Spite of Opposition (https://youtu.be/kPQ12sKQukM)
9) A Man of One Book (https://youtu.be/8-4M7ykIR00)
10) Close Dealing with Seekers (https://youtu.be/Ou15rZOQnIc)
11) Holy Spirit the Secret of Success (https://youtu.be/rDApRRm-nW4)
12) A Great Revival Promised (https://youtu.be/T3DvJE64Ac4)
13) Last Illness, Sorrow, Humility & Death (https://youtu.be/-pBZ70gDlIQ)

You can listen to this series through podcast too:
Anchor FM: https://anchor.fm/LEGASI.tv/
Spotify: https://bit.ly/LegasiSpotify   


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