Monday, February 3, 2020

Angelus' Quote: Crisis Makes Great Leaders

Every leader who stays with an organization for very long will eventually face a crisis. It might be one that impacts a small department or it might be big enough that it has the potential to take down the entire organization. It's not about will it come. But when it comes, how will you face it?

We can't wait until the crisis comes to think about the essential skills we need to face it. We need to be prepared now. Don't avoid it – lead through it! As Tim Stevens asserted: "It's leading through a crisis that separates great leaders from mediocre leaders." It is leading in tough times that create the greatest leaders. John C. Maxwell said that during tough times "leaders stretch to the challenge, while followers shrink from the challenge" 😉 ServeToLead #GrowingLeader #SpiritualLeader


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