Monday, February 3, 2020

Angelus' Quote: Leaders Must Know How to Enjoy Themselves

I watched lots of Bible movies, especially the life of Jesus. Among the best, in my opinion, so far, are this two: #1 The Visual Bible: Matthew (acted by Bruce Marchiano) and #2 The Chosen: TV Series (acted by Jonathan Roumie). Why? Because these actor’s portrait Jesus, the Son of God, as a normal man, with feelings and humour.

One of Jesus' first miracles in the Bible was to turn water into wine (not vinegar). As his fame and popularity grew, he was constantly invited to dinner at Nicodemus’s or Peter’s or rich young people’s houses. The night before he was arrested, he gathered his disciples together to sing songs and dine.

As the Leader, Jesus faced many great challenges, but as I read the Scripture, I "see" Him as always in the state of celebrations 😉 #ServeToLead #GrowingLeader #SpiritualLeader_


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