Monday, February 3, 2020

Angelus' Quote: Pride will Kill a Man

Pride will kill a man... Trust me, I know. I went to prison because of it 😬 Pride is hard to detect in ourselves. Others can see it in us, but we have difficulty detecting it. If you have good friends, ask them to comment on you. Usually, they will be honest if you're sincere. What makes pride dangerous is that it creates a false reflection in the mirror.

Humility is the answer. The key to biblical humility is to allow your thoughts to come under the teaching and control of Christ (read Philippians 2). Allow your attitude and behavior to be formed by the direction of God's spirit, not your own. Humility is the cure to pride - and it begins on your knees in prayer. How wonderful if a man falls in front of his King! 😉🔥📖 #ServeToLead #Manhood


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