Monday, February 3, 2020

Angelus' Quote: The Undisciplined Man Is a Slave to His Own Weaknesses

One of the reasons I want to keep fit is as a man, I believe, I shouldn't seek to fight but I must be ready and expect to fight if the situation requires me to do so. To be a man of God is to be humble but not cowardice. It takes discipline to be fit.

In the same way, it takes self-discipline to become a game-changer as a man. And that self-discipline is fueled by your expectations. If you are tired of being tired... if you are frustrated with your spiritual life... if you can't stop your addiction... you should forget about working on self-discipline. First, you must come to grip with your expectations.

What do you expect of yourself? Ask God to help you see the man He sees. To be the best version of the man God built you to be, you must expect to be that man. It will set the course of your discipline and drive your desired behavior 🔥💪😉 #ServeToLead #Manhood


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