Friday, February 28, 2020

Angelus' Quote: You Are Stronger than You Seem

This quote, although being spoken by a fictional character, is quite interesting and true. It urges us to remember, amidst our brokenness and imperfection, that we truly are braver, stronger and smarter than we might admit, even to ourselves.

In our crazy-critical world, we often forget this little bit of advice. We become timid, more afraid of what we have to lose than what we might gain. We become doubtful, forgetting our inner strength. We become dull and habit-bound, forgetting our intelligence and our resourcefulness. We forget our true selves or allow them to become so distant as to be mere dreams or faded memories. We are admonished by the quote to always remember 💪😉😁 #ServeToLead #GrowingLeader


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