Monday, May 25, 2020

#1Book1Week April 2020

For the past 2 years (?), my goal is to read #1Book1Week At first, it was the goal that I 'need' to do for personal achievement. But after a few months, I care less about achieving the goal, I just focus on the values, lessons, and pleasure that I get from reading. In short, it becomes my habit. I no longer 'need' but 'want' - even looking forward - to read books. Since April was the MCO month, I read more:

1) The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (2012) by John C. Maxwell. I reread this book twice because I'm so impacted by it and I've made a YouTube series based on the book. Check it out here:

2) Lead the Field (2018) by Earl Nightingale. He is a legend, classic self-development speaker. I love his definition of success, namely, it is "the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal" and his teaching on attitude "it is the refection of the person inside."

3) Get Smart! (2016) by Brian Tracy. The actual price is RM79.95 but Popular Bookstore sold it only for RM19.90! I get smart, so I bought it. The actual worth is way more than that! I've read 2-3 books by Brian, and expect that this book is a recycling lesson, but no! The 10 thinking tools outlined in this book is gold.

4) The Storyteller's Secret (2016) by Carmine Gallo. I've read Gallo's other book 'The Apple Experience' and know what to expect - "Wow!" I read this book with the belief that every one of us has great stories and ideas inside us, but it's all useless unless you know how to communicate them. This book will help you with that.

5) The Message of the Sermon on the Mount (1985) by John R.W. Stott. I take heed of J. C. Ryle's advice: next to the Bible, Bible commentaries are important. The Bible Speaks Today (BST) Series is my favorite and go-to commentary. I finished reading this one in 2 months because I use it as my reference book for my #InjilMatius Podcast Series. Check it out here:

6) The Compound Effect (2010) by Darren Hardy. All the things that I do good (and bad) are the result of the compound effect. Small Choices + Consistency + Time = Significant Results. When I first started a YouTube channel, for months, nobody subscribes and only a few views. But daily I improve my skills and people started to take notice. Darren equips, "The secret of your success is found in your daily routine."

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