Saturday, May 16, 2020

#1Book1Week Lists March 2020

Someone said (I bet he or she is a reader), "So little time, so many books." I'm familiar with this frustration. There are two main reasons if I go to the mall: the cinema & bookstores. Whenever I'm surrounded by books, I instantly feel happy like I'm home with family and at the same time sad because I will never know all of them when I'm gone. This month (March 2020) is a rough and tough month so far but it gives us the opportunity to spend time with family and - self. Here is my list of reading this month:

1) The Power of Positive Thinking (first published in 1952) by Norman Vincent Peale. This is a classic self-help book on why positive thinking is important with practical instructions on how to have an optimistic attitude. This is my second time reading it. My favorite quote is: "What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve" [P.s: I aim to be an optimistic-realist rather than just positive thinker].

2) Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2015) by Yuval Noah Harari. If you haven't read the first book, Sapiens (2011), read that one first, then read this. Here Harari looks to the future and explores how global power might shift, as the principal force of evolution – natural selection – is replaced by intelligent design and our quest to upgrade ourselves into gods (Homo-Deus = human-god). This book is both scary and hopeful. What makes it a good read is because it makes me think rather than only inform since I don't necessarily agree with his worldviews. Harari is a gifted thinker.

3) The 50th Law (2009) by Robert Greene & Curtis Jackson a.k.a. rapper 50 Cent. This is a very powerful book - partly 50's memoirs, partly Robert's Laws of Power - on success in life and inspired living by one simple principle: fear nothing or fearlessness. Someone said that this is 'The Art of War' for 'The Hip Hop Generation' but I said this is 'The Gangster Book' on personal development straight from the hood! I will read this book again, for sure.

4) Fakebook: A True Story. Based on Actual Lies (2013) by Dave Cicirelli. What can I say? I really enjoy this book so much that I texted Dave through Messenger to let him know that (he texted me back). His curiosity leads him to do a social experiment where he announced on FB that he was quitting his job (lie) and heading west (lie) for an adventure. But the truth is, he wasn't going anywhere (true) and most people believed him! (true). The big question in this book is: Who is the real 'you' and what is the story you tell others?

5) The Bible: The Book of Numbers & The Book of Deuteronomy. This is part of my discipline to read the entire Bible chronologically in 1 year. You must know the past to live in the present. Soli Deo Gloria.

What book(s) have you read this month? Share with me in the comment section #ServeToLead #LeadersAreReaders #GrowingLeader #LetsMakeReadingCoolAgain #1Book1Week

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