Saturday, May 16, 2020

Not Have More Online Meetings, But Self-Education

In the world of technology today, there is no escape from having online meetings and reap the benefits of social media and apps advancement especially in a time like this where we should avoid as many physical contacts with one another. As you know, there are lots of events have been canceled or postponed until further notice.

But the answer is not to go for online meetings - at least not our first response. Before we come out with instant solutions, we must ask, "Is the meeting(s) really needed or worth it in the first place?" If not, just canceled it. If yes, can it be postponed? If absolutely must, then do it. My point is minimalism, not creating more. Maximize your time on social media. Decrease technological dependency. Aim for self-reliance and -education. What are the things that REALLY important? And what can you - and the team - leave behind? Cut frantic activities, focus on life-giving pursuits #ServeToLead

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