Saturday, May 16, 2020

Short-Term Famous OR Long-Term Impact?

A good friend (and few others) asked me, "I love your content, but why not many people follow you?" I explained to him about half a dozen of my theories. One is because I try not to follow trends but focus on values. Another is because although I know some good tricks, I refuse to chase after followers rather than qualities. And another one is because I think in long-term impact rather than short-term famous and some other plausible reasons. Regardless…
How you use your social media is up to you. Your right, your choice. But sometimes its good to examine ourselves by asking these questions: How do I use my social media? What impact do I want to contribute to the world? How can I leave a positive legacy behind? Legacy a.k.a. Legasi (BM)... that's a good word, right? #ServeToLead #GrowingLeader

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