Saturday, July 4, 2020

Read & Listen To This Book: John Piper's Coronavirus and Christ

I was a John-Piperian. I read half a dozen books and listened to hours of sermons & conference talks (oh, I love biographical sermons!) by John, and one book that I value the most is Don't Waste Your Life. After that, I move on to other authors. This strategy helped me to not 'worship' pastor's teachings but only the God that they faithfully preached

Recently, John published a short book entitled Coronavirus and Christ. What a timely, needful, and helpful encouragement. In uncertainty, John delivers the Message clearly. In doubt, he calls us to remain faithful in Him, and Him alone. In confusion, he invites us to see God's sovereignty. He writes, "This is a time when the fragile form of this world is felt. The seemingly solid foundations are shaking. The question we should be asking is, Do we have a Rock under our feet? A Rock that cannot be shaken— ever?

This book is very Calvinistic (in defend, some will respond "very Biblical"), and like any other books by human authors, you should apply critical thinking and prayer. I love this book because of its Christ-centeredness and careful handling of the Word of God in regard to the reality of the world today

You can download this book in pdf and/or audiobook mp3 for FREE (although if you can buy it will be helpful to the ministry) at Desiring God Website, HERE >

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