Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Jesus Who Never Lived: Exposing False Christs and Finding The Real Jesus (2008) by H. Wayne House, Book Review

Jesus of the Bible once asked His disciples, "Who do people say I am?" and "Who do you say I am?" These questions are very relevant and even more so today. He asks these same questions of us too. But how can anyone know for sure who Jesus is when confronted with so many different views of Him today? Everyone wants a piece of Jesus. You don't hear or read any other great people, prophets, or religious founders contented as much and as heated as Jesus (Have you ever wonder why people want to attack the person of Jesus? Why not other religious leaders?). If Jesus (of the Bible) is the truth, then all other Jesuses must be false or not as accurate as of the real one.

This book is beneficial in identifying false Christs and fake Jesuses from the Biblical Jesus, who is the truth, the life, and the only way to God. Dr. Wayne discusses how the early witnesses such as his family, disciples, the leaders, the Roman and Jewish historians, and the early Church viewed and believed about Jesus. He also highlighted some false Christianities, false messiahs, or alternative christs before and after the death and resurrection of Jesus of the Bible (this is usually referred to as the early heterodox perspectives). I particularly enjoy reading about The Jesus of World Religions, especially from Hinduism, Buddhist, and Islam perspectives, and The Jesus of Media Scholarship that focuses on the efforts of The Jesus Seminar and Bart Ehrman.

Dr. Wayne wrote, "It is doubtful that Christianity would have survived the persecutions of the early centuries or blossomed to its magnitude today apart from belief in the special nature and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not merely appreciated for His teachings or respected for His high moral standards. He is worshipped, adored, and obeyed as the sovereign God and creator of the universe, the Saviour of His people." For that, I say, amen! 🙏😊📖 #ServeToLead #1Book1Week #GrowingLeader #LetsMakeReadingCoolAgain

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