Thursday, August 6, 2020

#1Book1Week July 2020

Here is my July #1Book1Week list. In Lit: A Christian Guide to Reading Book (I recommend this book!), Tony Reinke points out that “the immediate appeal of visual entertainment is at odds with the gradual unveiling of literary treasure. Entertainment is passive and easy; books require an active mind and diligence. Books typically get ignored." The fact that books get ignored is the best reason for you to be a book reader. Why? Nowadays, people are the same. Boring. Be different. Not weird (although sometimes people think you are), but intelligently different.

If you're not a reader today, perhaps because you haven't found life-changing books. I believe that once you're a reader, you will always be a reader. This is a good addiction. First, read the New Testament Bible from a modern translation (CEV or NLT) or paraphrase (The Message or The Living Bible), and then explore other books from various topics. Read deeply, widely and critically. Hey, #LetsMakeReadingCoolAgain #ServeToLead #LeadersAreReaders #GrowingLeader 😊⚡📖

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